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    The Highwaymen tradition began in Ft. Pierce during the 1950's. The Highwaymen moniker stems from the fact that these African-American artists took to Florida's highways in order to sell their paintings. It was a matter of necessity. In those segregated times, conventional sales venues weren't open to African-Americans. Their primary themes were Florida's subtropical wilderness areas, following a precedent set by fellow Ft. Pierce resident and highly regarded, white artist, A. E. "Bean" Backus.

    THE HIGHWAYMEN feature presentation tells the story of how this came about. Set against a backdrop of the state's radically changing social and demographic makeup from the 60's onward. The Highwaymen are portrayed as protagonists in a real life drama. It is a story that celebrates the human spirit even as it details human frailties.
    Includes history of Ft. Pierce in the 50's & 60's along with bio's on A. E. Backus and Alfred Hair.
    Some great vintage photo's of Hair and Harold Newton and other artists with more than 100 images of various Highwaymen paintings.

    Interviews with:

    Mary Ann Carroll
    Hezekiah Baker
    Al Black
    Robert Butler
    Rodney Demps
    James Gibson
    Roy McLendon
    Livingston Roberts

    Written & produced by Everglades Productions, Inc.

    Narrated by ABC television anchor, Spencer Christian.

    Approx. run time approx. 58 minutes ~ closed captioned for the hearing impaired

    Available in VHS or DVD/CD format

    Click here for ordering information.